The Advanced Language Engineering Platform (ALEP) was an initiative of the European Commission (EC) to provide the natural language research and engineering community in Europe with a versatile and flexible general purpose research and development environment.

The ALEP environment is intended to ease and speed up the transitions from research to laboratory prototype, and from prototype to marketable product. It is designed as a basic, low-cost, non-proprietary platform for a broad range of research and technology development activities, related to NLP. By making the ALEP system widely available, the EC aims to promote cooperation between different research centres and to progress towards portability and re-use of research results.
ALEP is an open environment and may be used with third party tools, linguistic formalisms and lingware, or with the instances of these which are supplied with the environment.

Typical users of the ALEP environment are either skilled researchers in computational linguistics or teams of researchers and application designers, who will be provided with a software environment enabling them to produce linguistic descriptions of different languages, for a number of NLP or MT application domains.


April 1994 - 1995