Methods and Tools for Natural-Language Interfacing to Standard Software Applications



The primary objective of the project was to develop the technology and provide tools which enable end users to interface, using natural-language, to computer applications systems, and to apply this technology successfully to obtain a pre-competitive product validated in selected end-user applications.


The RTD work focused on the following three main areas:

  • Study and definition of methods for the integration of a natural-language interface into software applications, in general.
  • Construction of a MELISSA tool-set, including an operational server, to be used by software developers of CORBA/COM compliant software applications to supply their final users with NL interfacing.
  • Definition of a set of procedures and a general method to enable the use of the MELISSA tool-set to create NL interfaces to already exisiting applications.

The MELISSA-project was sponsored by the EU-Commission, under ESPRIT. The project was successfully completed. All the envisaged tools and modules were completed.


November 1996 - September 1999