Introduction: Global players in the automotive industry have to produce and maintain technical documentation in many target languages, adapt it for different regulatory environments and respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer expectations. This documentation is often produced with a mix of internal and external resources where the uses of Internet and Intranets in business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions are key factors.

MULTIDOC has designed, specified and implemented a software architecture for a multilingual intelligent technical information management system (MITIMS) aimed at providing a coherent system solution for the specification, authoring, translation, distribution, and management of multilingual and multimedia technical information. An important focus was on the integration of language technology components in existing or newly established IT infrastructures for the authoring process and the quality assurance processes to speed up information flow and to allow for effective linguistic quality control.
The results and findings of this project have strongly influenced the developments of our CLAT product.


January 1996 - April 2000