AUTOLEARN - AUTOmatic tutor for lifelong LEARNing



The AUTOLEARN project has been conceived to define, carry out and evaluate a set of exploitation and dissemination activities --in connection with previously existing techniques and methodologies-- that should help develop a new ICT-based paradigm for the field of Foreign Language Training targeted at different audiences. Through the project activities, the consortium will gain experience and knowledge regarding two strategic objectives: (i) conclusions to be drawn from a pedagogical perspective with respect to a satisfactory use of ICT-enhanced tutoring systems in real language training environments; and (ii) aspects of the learning process to be enhanced by using NLP-based techniques in automatic or semi-automatic correction tasks.
The most outstanding result expected from the project is an industrial-quality service consisting of a set of materials and resources using ICT-techniques integrated in a web-based platform and exploiting Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics to provide automated intelligent feedback to complement and assist the trainer's role in the learning process. As part of the results of the project there will also be dissemination activities and products that will be used to raise awareness from the trainers and content producers side during and after the life of the project. Both the service and the products will be adaptable to different learner ages, training curricula and fields of knowledge.
The impact of the exploitation and dissemination activities to be carried out is inherent to the spirit of the project, since the project will actively foster the participation of testing/evaluation subjects and institutions. The most relevant technical impact will be the establishment of a set of procedures and methodologies to better exploit the opportunities offered by ICT-enhanced learning systems from the perspective of all agents involved in the training activity (learners and teachers). This impact will be experienced at different stages of the learning stage of a person, the results of the project becoming a critical asset for the fostering of the lifelong learner's autonomy. At the social level, it is expected that the results of the project facilitate the organisation of courses of foreign languages by institutions and organisations, and consequently promotes an increase in the number of such courses offered by them, which will result in an increase of the number of people (at the different education sectors) that have access to foreign language education.


January 2008 - December 2009


  • Fundació Barcelona Media Universitat Pompeu Fabra (BM)
  • School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University,
  • BOGAZIÇI University Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies