Quality Assurance in Technical Documentation


Language mistakes, inconsistent terminology, incomprehensible texts and ambiguous operating instructions are often weak points in technical documentation. With CLAT we provide you with a reliable software tool that enables you to detect these weak points of a documentation process at an early stage. Using CLAT for producing documents, editing and translation, you can save both time and money.

With CLAT (Controlled Language Authoring Technology) and UMMT (Utility for Mandate Management Tasks), IAI provides you with sophisticated software solutions for the quality assurance of your technical documentation. 

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Searching and Finding Information


Given an ever-growing number of information available, it is decisive to find relevant information in a fast and reliable way. Many documents still require a manual analysis and classification so that significant information can be distinguished from insignificant one. This is not only time-consuming, but it often also leads to inconsistent results – and misleads those looking for information!

AUTINDEX supports the analysis and classification of documents via the use of computational linguistic techniques and provides solutions for diverse applications.

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