AUTINDEX - Automatic Indexing and Classification


The Problem of Information Overload

AUTINDEX (Automatic Indexing and Classification) is the answer to the problem of an information overload existing in many areas, be it libraries with a stock of several millions of books and texts, documentation departments or companies where a high number of letters, memos, circulation letters, minutes and other documents is produced.

The problem is how to find documents in a database according to content criteria. For example, how can all documents be found that are relevant on the subject of  'capital gains tax', 'interest income' and 'stock profits'? Or how can all scientific documents on the subject of  'global warming' be found that exist in a library?

Managing Information Overload via AUTINDEX

AUTINDEX is a system that analyses the content of a text by means of intelligent linguistic techniques. For this purpose keywords are assigned to the text which characterize the content of this text and allow to retrieve a document later.

The sophisticated methods involved even allow to find e.g. documents on the subject of global warming, even if they only talk about climate change.

The innovation of this system is a reliable linguistic technique which represents the basis for automatic indexing and classification. AUTINDEX has been successfully tested under real-world conditions for several years.

Fields of Application for AUTINDEX

  • libraries: indexing of existing stock
  • specialized information centers as well as corporate search facilities: indexing and classification of scientific articles and other text documents
  • companies with a high stock of different documents: tagging of these documents

AUTINDEX can be integrated into all information management systems that aim to tag texts in order to enable the user to perform a search according to content criteria.


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