A Challenge for Technical Documentation

 Linguistic errors, inconsistent terminology, incomprehensible texts and ambiguous operating instructions – these are weak points in technical documentation that occur too often. Such violations of the rules for proper technical documentation have negative effects on the comprehensibility of a text as well as on its translatability and the costs involved. The amount of time required is a cost factor that should not be neglected.

What is CLAT?

CLAT is a tool designed to support technical authors in producing high-quality documentation. This quality level is reached through linguistic correctness and compliance with company-specific requirements.

  • spelling and grammar check to verify linguistic correctness
  • style and terminology check to verify compliance with company-specific writing guidelines

CLAT checks documents with regard to the control functions mentioned above, reports every rule violation and gives technical authors the opportunity to revise their text and immediately re-check the corrections made.

CLAT is also the linguistic core technology of Congree!