ZertiFAKT – a Tool for Measuring Quality of Text


ZertiFAKT is an add-on to CLAT and Congree. ZertiFAKT allows for batch processing of large quantities of text CLAT or Congree. ZertiFAKT outputs statistical information about the number and kind of errors.    

What is ZertiFAKT?

  • ZertiFAKT is an add-on to the language quality checking tools CLAT or Congree
  • ZertiFAKT is a tool that collects statistical information on the quality of technical documentation
  • ZertiFAKT compares quality of texts against predefined standards

How Can ZertiFAKT Be Used?

ZertiFAKT can be used as a tool for the lectorate, for evaluating the quality of documentation before it is released, published or translated. Another use case is the evaluation of the quality of the language controlling results by CLAT / Congree.



Assessment oft he quality of checking.


Optimal CLAT Configuration through ZertiFAKT