Cooperation with Duden

Duden Korrektor 

IAI has been cooperating with the publishing house “Bibliographisches Institut & F. A. Brockhaus AG” since 2000. Together with the company’s language technology department IAI develops the linguistic software for the Duden Korrektor and the Duden Linguistic Engine.

The unique combination of the extensive Duden encyclopedia resources with IAI’s long time experience in analyzing natural speech allows to develop products of extraordinary quality for the German language.

Press reactions to the Duden Korrektor

"Among all candidates, Duden Korrektor achieves the best results in every category."
André Kramer, Von roten Kringellinien in c't 23/2007

"German spelling rules have been recently changed again. In most cases Duden Korrektor [3.5] finds the right spelling."
André Kramer, Amtlicher Rat in c't 17/2006

"Conclusion: Duden Korrektor 3.0 (Plus) peps up Word’s internal office assistant and although not being immaculate it is currently the best product on the market."
Michael Kurzidim , Besseres Deutsch in c't 1/2005

"All things considered, the best product in the overall test was Duden Korrektor Plus 2.0, which simply collaborates with Word."
Michael Kurzidim, Fehlerpolizei - Wie gut sind Rechtschreibkorrektur-Programme? in c't 2/2004